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 Handy Projects

$25.00 - $35.00 per hour + materials  and lunch    ($100 minimum)

I do handy projects 2 days a week - (3 if you really really need me to)

If we work together on a project, I charge the $25.00 rate. If you would like me to just do it, I charge the $35.00 rate. Part of "I think we can do that" is the "we" working together.

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 Web Sites     (artist sites only - with a few exceptions)

Starts at $750 for a simple site and goes up - They usually end up around $1000 - $1500 (and a piece of your art)   plus the hosting fee.

If you have good digital images and well edited text it goes a lot quicker. I can host your site for $20 per month (billed annually) which includes simple text updates (cv, announcements, etc. - via email). Other updates or changes are $35.00 an hour.    

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